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Business coaching

I offer coaching for the owners / directors of small businesses who are looking for more clarity and direction. I combine my coaching and commercial skills to create an environment that allows my clients to reflect, analyse, review and re-think their strategies and goals in a way that re-connects them more fully with themselves and their vision.

Business coaching provides you with the opportunity to take time out from your business, and take a look at the bigger picture.

  • Is your business still heading in the right direction?
  • How do you want your business to develop?
  • How does this fit into the bigger picture of your life?

Business Coaching can help you to get a clearer perspective, a more effective strategy, a compelling vision and better results.

I combine my coaching and marketing experience in blue chip companies to work with my clients in a way that is both business focused as well as human.


My clients have benefited in a number of ways:

  • Developed clearer goals
  • Created a strategy to achieve stretching goals
  • Become clearer on the direction of the business
  • Created a vision to integrate their business and personal life
  • Increased sales and profit

Robert Newton had this to say about how he benefited from business coaching:

'From an initially reluctant participant in business coaching, I have been converted by the effect your coaching has had, on both my business, and me as an individual. Your help has enabled me to focus and identify the “dead wood” and remove it from both areas. I am much clearer about my direction and more committed to meeting my deadlines.As a result, I am more confident because I am getting more of the important things done and delegating the distractions, the business is running more smoothly, and even the staff are happier.' - Robert Newton; Director J Bennett and Sons Insurance Brokers

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

  • Making the time to work on the business rather than in it?
  • Getting the work / life balance that you want?
  • Recruiting a new member of the team who shares your passion?
  • Adapting to a change in your business?
  • Making time to develop your business strategy?
  • Wanting a sounding board to help you develop your strategy and move your business forwards?
  • Has your business reached a point where you need to recruit but you can’t find anyone with the same passion as you?

Running your business can be exciting and challenging but sometimes overwhelming. Tailored coaching for your business needs can help you stay one step ahead!

'I have very much benefited from the sessions that I have shared with Julie. I run my own business and with only two of us in a very busy office, it can be easy to become very inward looking and forget the important elements such as objectives, strategies and budgeting. We will be employing a third person in July and I can certainly say that Julie has helped me to look at what I want to achieve and how I am going to do it. By having a set time in the diary, it forces me to address these key issues which I am confident will allow me to continue the success that I am currently enjoying with my business.' - Jonny Edsor;  Director Wildgoose Event Ltd .

'After investing heavily in a misguided business venture, and almost literally losing my shirt, the discussions that I had previously had with Julie came flooding back. Julie’s searching questioning and coaching had given me the solutions that I needed, I had just chosen to ignore them. Now after six months of focusing on the strengths that Julie helped me to define, my business is back on track and I’m moving in the right direction'- Julian Dodson – Managing Director – Active Learning Events Ltd.

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